Quantum theory, vibrations and high frequencies

Quantum theory, vibrations and high frequencies – why the breakthrough of the new physics the breakthrough of the new Medicine will follow

Max Planck is the pioneer and “inventor” of quantum theory. Before he died in 1947, he said the revolutionary sentence that still hasn't sunk into most people's minds today: "All things are pure energy - and so are we."

Max Planck started a revolution, a revolution in thinking - especially in physics. His “radiation law” not only describes how the energy radiation of a warm body of matter can be calculated, he was also the first to formulate a phenomenon in this context that had been unexplained up to that point: the so-called quanta.

The whole thing started with a light bulb. If you could see a light bulb being switched on in great slow motion, you would first see the filament slowly glowing, emitting red light and the bulb would only be warm, then the filament would become hotter and would emit yellow light, then the filament would become very hot white light send out and the light bulb would burn your fingers. The light emitted would go from long-wave red to yellow to short-wave white. Since more and more electricity is supplied, the thread would then have to emit increasingly bluer and ultimately ultraviolet light, which is the shortest wavelength light.

But the light bulb doesn't do that.

The shorter wavelength a radiation is, the more energy it transports. so at the end of the scale there would have to be very, very short wavelength radiation that carries infinite amounts of energy. Even our sun doesn't do that. The explanatory model didn't work. Max Planck pondered over the problem for years until he decided to stop using the classical laws of physics as a way of thinking about the solution. He postulated that energy is not released constantly, but only in small packets of energy. He invented the constant “h” (auxiliary quantity), which is called Planck's constant, which links the smallest possible energy packets to the respective wavelength. According to this theory, the energy of a quantum is greater the shorter the wavelength it carries.

The physicists' guild resisted this; it did not fit into classical physics, which was postulated as inviolable. It was Albert Einstein who first recognized the genius of Planck's theory. Using Planck's quantum of action, he explained the phenomenon of the photoelectric effect and was able to use Planck's laws to prove that light rays consist of small packets of energy without mass, the famous photons.

Since then we have known: Light consists of both waves and particles that, so to speak, surf on the wave or as a wave through space. Light begins its journey as a particle, propagates as a wave and ends as a particle.

This new theory of particles, waves and frequencies opened up a completely new world of physics. A world that is not so easily accessible to our minds. Max Planck himself said:

“And so, after my explorations of the atom, I say this: There is no matter in itself. All matter is created and exists only through a force that causes the atomic particles to vibrate and holds them together to form the tiniest solar system in the universe.”

(Max Planck) Planck said that this force or “matrix” makes the stars, planets, atoms, elements, our DNA, life and everything that exists possible. Ultimately there is nothing physical, everything is vibration, everything that is is a condensed effect of energy. Everything that exists exists in and through a universe of vibrations and our bodies are also made up of these vibrations of energy that we constantly radiate.

This omnipresent, powerful energy that enables and orders everything from the solar system to the atom appears to be a dense network that connects all matter. This network of vibrations and waves creates and supports us and influences us - and we also influence this matrix network through our vibrations.

It was a strangely revolutionary time in physics at the time, with several brilliant minds thinking about these new ideas and using them to explore the origins of existence.

At around the same time, a Russian inventor named Georges Lakhovsky was also working on frequencies and waves and Planck's findings. After his own serious illness, he turned his attention particularly to medical questions. He also understood that frequencies and vibrations are the primary matrix of all being. He discovered that body cells also have their own vibration, which, when disturbed or brought to a standstill, leads to illness and death. If the healthy natural vibration of a cell could be restored, this would logically lead to recovery. He assumed that there is a very wide spectrum of frequencies, vibrations or radiations that come from the earth, but also from space, which penetrate all cells and cause them to vibrate at the right frequency. The carrier frequencies of life, so to speak.

He saw illnesses as a kind of “jammer”. The disease, he concluded, massively disrupts the natural cell oscillations of the body's healthy cells. According to Lakhovsky, healthy cells vibrate in a characteristically different way than diseased cells. Lakhovsky planned to be able to influence the resonance frequency of sick cells so that they would recover completely.

For this purpose, Lakhovsky, using ideas from Jaques-Arsène D'Arsonval and technology from Nikola Tesla, built a device, the multi-wave oscillator, with which he achieved spectacular healing success with cancer patients, first in France and later in the USA. These cases were documented in a book by Mark Clement (“Waves, that heal”).

Lakhovsky himself wrote:

“In 1931 I began working with treatments using my multi-wave oscillator in various hospitals in Paris: in the Hôpital Saint-Louis, in the Val-de-Grace, in the Calvaire, in the Hôpital Necker, in the Dispensaire franco-britannique», in the laboratories of the National Federation of the Lung Injured and in the Institute of Biological Physics.

Within the medical profession, Doctors Pierre Rigaux and Foveau de Courmelles distinguished themselves with the use of this new device, which was presented to the Medical Society of General Practitioners on January 20, 1933. The device has already been used successfully abroad in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Uruguay, etc. Everywhere the results have exceeded all hopes.”

(Source: https://www.lakhovsky.ch/der-multiwellen-oszillator-von-g-lakhovsky/ )

Like Nikola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky died as a result of an accident. His son Serge Lakhovsky suspected murder. Very soon thereafter, the successful multi-oscillators disappeared from clinics and were banned by the American Association as “quackery.” Nevertheless, his medical theories remained unforgettable. Max Planck and Albert Einstein are celebrated today as geniuses and their ideas brought about a breakthrough and a new beginning in physics. Planck's statement that everything that exists is vibrations and frequencies that manifest themselves as particles of atoms or light photons should actually have a completely clear consequence that exactly such vibrations and frequencies that the universe and life carry, can also be used to heal this life and the material bodies and cells.

The rough tinkering with physical matter, when one begins to understand the inner origin of the phenomenon of matter and all other non-material phenomena, should actually only serve as a temporary emergency solution until the development of scientific-medical mastery of real and direct healing has reached application maturity through frequencies.

Perhaps Lakhovsky's devices were not yet the ultimate. But one would have had to build on them and continue researching until the principle became more and more sophisticated and led to ever more precise and optimal healing results.

In fact, the state-of-the-art examination devices such as the groundbreaking, celebrated MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), especially the powerful 3-Tesla tomograph, work with the help of magnetic fields and radio waves. The Radiologicum Munich describes how it works on its own website as follows:

“Normally, all atomic nuclei in the body rotate around their own axis. This angular momentum is also called “nuclear spin”. Through their own rotation, these nuclei generate a minimal magnetic field. The hydrogen nuclei are particularly important here, as they are the most common in the body.

Under natural circumstances, the magnetic alignment of the hydrogen nuclei is purely random. However, if you apply a strong magnetic field to the body from the outside, then these atomic nuclei all arrange themselves in the same direction, namely in the longitudinal direction of the body.

This is exactly the principle used by magnetic resonance imaging. There is a very strong magnetic field in the MRI machine, but it is completely harmless to humans. In addition to this magnetic field, the MRI device emits high-frequency radio waves onto the body during measurements, which changes the parallel alignment of the hydrogen nuclei in the magnetic field. After each radio wave pulse, the hydrogen nuclei return to the longitudinal direction specified by the magnet. The atomic nuclei send out special signals that are measured during the examination and then put together into images by the computer.”

(Source: http://www.radiologicum-muenchen.de/Kernspintomographie-MRT/Funktionsweise)

There is no better way to show that high-frequency waves penetrate through the body and its cells and have effects right down to the atomic level of the body's cells, which are used here as an imaging method.

If you then use this high-frequency technology to discover that, for example, there is a tumor on the head of the pancreas and what exactly it looks like... but then you resort to poison cocktails and knives again instead of the same precision high-frequency technology to heal. A technology that allows these degenerated tumor cells to die or possibly transform them back into functional body cells without life-threatening interventions.

This is a bit like using ground radar, infrared and ultrasound to precisely locate, measure and analyze an enemy's underground command center from the air, and then sending a battalion on war elephants with shovels and clubs to fight the enemy to dig up and kill.

Of course, we all know, even if we have no interest in it, that in addition to the development of high-frequency technology for diagnosis, one for healing was also developed.

Nevertheless, developments will not be able to ignore conventional medicine in the long term. Just as,

how the guild of physicists could not get used to the laws of the new physics, and today Planck, Einstein and Heisenberg are the titans of the new physics: it will happen that the pharmaceutical giants and conventional medicine will just as easily accept these findings from the new physics like the discoveries of the medical new thinker Lakhovsky.

The “new medicine” will be a logical and compelling consequence of the “new physics”.

Until then, high-frequency devices for healing treatment will remain reserved for a small circle of knowledgeable people and can do a lot of good.

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