My Energy Depot MOBILMED AG For people who want to be pain-free, mobile and vital,
we have the technologies researched and successfully used in the 19th century,
whose inventors include Dr. Nikola Tesla was
transformed into the 21st century and adapted to your needs.
Our regularly CE certified MED+MODULE,
may also be used by medical laypeople.
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My Energy Depot MOBILMED AG For people who want to be pain-free, mobile and vital, haben wir die im 19. Jahrhundert erforschten und erfolgreich eingesetzten Technologien,
whose inventors include Dr. Nikola Tesla was
ins 21. Jahrhundert transformiert und Ihren
Bedürfnissen angepasst.
Our regularly CE certified MED+MODULE,
dürfen auch von medizinischen Laien
angewendet werden.
About Us Our services

PAIN-FREE to go, often with just one application!

Current, notarial declarations in lieu of oath prove it!
It was demonstrated to the public at various events. People in pain are permanently relieved of pain. They then declare this fact under oath and the signature on this document is subsequently certified by a notary.

The Tesla coil has shrunk from 3 meters in diameter to 30 cm, with the same properties as 1898 and transformed into the 21st century. Proof of effectiveness was already provided back then and therefore our current findings are not new.

This development was originally due to Dr. Tesla + Dr. Lakhovsky back. Current, notarized declarations in lieu of oath prove it! This technology can also be used safely by medical laypeople.

Our philosophy

Do good and let others talk about it.
Prevent bad things and talk about them with others.
Make bad things good and good things better.

Birth, life, death

The emergence, existence and passing contain the normative force of the factual and cannot be avoided.

Past, present, future

We can learn from the past in order to shape the present and plan the future

Earth, water, air

These 3 elements form the basis of all earthly existence and are the most valuable things we can use.



Corona victims, alternative practitioners, alternative medicine specialists, doctors who value the Hippocratic oath, osteopaths, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, competitive athletes and of course senior citizens' residences.

That's why you should talk to us!

Absolute unique selling points:

    Many pains are permanently eliminated within a very short time.
  1. Long-researched and effective technology:
    We have a researched, effective technology, whose inventors include: Dr. Nicola Tesla and Dr. Georges Lakhovsky were, transformed into the 21st century and adapted to your needs.
  1. Can be used by medical laypeople:
    Our MED+MODULE are manufactured with CE certification and are regularly inspected by the responsible authorities. The application is very easy to implement without any special knowledge.

We all have a passion for something. This is mine! I started at an early age and have become more experienced over the years. And I learn something new every day. This resulted in:

Our heroes

Our heroes are all people who did and are doing something that is in the interests of people and does not involve fake news or even deep fake.

Dr. Nikola Tesla and Dr. Georges Lakhovsky were such heroes. Among other things, they have shaped such important principles as:

“If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Even today, people ask questions that are often not noticed by the mainstream media, or do not want to be noticed, but are important indicators of their actions, being and perspective for everyone. If you have any questions, give us a call and we will answer them to the best of our knowledge and belief. There are millions of people in the world who are smarter, more experienced and therefore better than us. We work every day to find them and network with them in order to make the resulting synergies usable for everyone.

“Life was created by vibration (=radiation), is maintained by vibration and is destroyed by any disturbance of the vibrational balance.”

Dr. Lakhovsky


Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein is our HOME

Popular questions

We have the right answers to frequently asked questions.

Yes MED+MODULE may be used by medical laypeople as described. You can find information about this in our brochure. Zum Shop

Every healthy body cell has a cell membrane voltage of -70 to -90 mV. A sick, damaged or infected cell only has -20 to -40 mV. The cell wall collapses, food no longer penetrates the cell wall (membrane) and the mitochondria, as "cell power plants", no longer provide ATP (cell energy). The MED+MODULE trigger frequencies in these cells that resonate with original vibrations and thus restore their healthy cell voltage and thus their functionality.

In principle, the application of the MED+MODULE do not cause any damage because the cell membrane tension can rise to a maximum of 100%. There has been insufficient research into the effect on pacemaker wearers and pregnant women, so we recommend refraining from using it.

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